Writer Florence Chanu

Category Fan Fiction

Abstract A letter to the writer's favourite fictional character that has been a pivotal part of her journey as a literary enthusiast as well as a writer.

Archer Giovani from the wattpad story ‘The Art Of Sending Flowers’ by Euradice @catalysed, he land me to the world ‘Hatred can be beautiful and goodbyes can be scented’. The story is not just a 12 chapter story, its 12 flower emotions. He doesn’t know the floriography but after being cheated, he wants to say fuck you delicately and choose flower as the language. When asked why, he simply stated because of sophistication. And I quote “And also because flowers are beautiful. Just like her. But they can be lethal if they mean to. Just like her”.
f you google you would find the orange lilies symbolizing passion. But you know how did he use it as? “Orange lilies are said to represent passion. I just want you to know, that I hate you with a burning passion.” These were the lines by him.
And amidst all of it, sarcasm drips from his body. Sassy is his another mother tongue. No one would come up with the bouquet notes the way he comes up with. For the second flower that he chose, it is daisy. And he comes up with, “Daisies stand for loyal love, purity and innocence. The things you obviously lack”.
But what the character doesn’t know itself is his way of falling for the other girl while he thinks that he’s just taunting her ex girlfriend. It’s understandable to come up with “On a negative note, hydrangeas are the flowers of heartlessness and frigidity. Totes you if you were ever a flower.”
As much as a strong façade that he puts on, he’s just another heartbroken, being cheated by her love, who don’t know whom to blame, who is not able to move on. No matter how hard a person could try, bottled up emotions, they will burst out one day. Same goes for archer.
Come on he’s a guy whose heart had just broken some days before. One could burst out, miss their ex, want them back, but you know what we always don’t get what we wish for ‘cause there’s more waiting than we could have ever thought. Same goes for him too. After all those sassy notes with various flowers, he came to heather. “Heather. Solitude. My phone doesn’t light up the way it used to”.
Who would have thought behind this strong face there’s a lost puppy, waiting to be heard by someone. All it took was a person saying- I am here to listen. He also poured out everything and then he realized something but a very subtle realization. But yeah it’s not the end there comes the snappy Archer again, sending his ex a bouquet of Gladioli with a note “In remembrance of how bad you fucked up. Literally.
As the time passes by he came to the flower gardenia, with a note that somehow conveys moving on in his life. “You’re finally extracted from my life. Oh, the joy.”
After the gardenia he stopped writing for her. Instead now he writes for the one before him who was there when he was totally broken down. When needed Archer knows when to act for he had stop to be just a silent admirer and decided to confess. With a bouquet of white chrysanthemum she writes- ‘You see Elnora, the difference between me and your secret admirer is that I refuse to be a secret anymore”.
And the straightforward he is, he just say what he feels, “I LIKE YOU” without any hesitation. And with a bouquet of tulips which symbolize strong feelings, he now writes for Elnora, “Would it be cheesy if I said that I wanted you to put tulips on mine?”
For a fact he understands what understanding really means. He knows to give time and respect it. Near the ending with the kiss they shared, he writes for her with sunflowers- R.I.P. to having pure and innocent thoughts of you after that kiss.
The best part about is him he knows what to do when and he must do it. In the end he gave Elnora the sense of being safe with him, the need to not be pretentious, and most importantly the trust. And in the end with flower called daffodils there they have.
“A new beginnings.
To us. And to you, my love.”