Writer Kshitij Shokeen

Category Non-Fiction

Abstract The article summarizes the ongoing debate between Art and Entertainment, are these both the same thing ? or can they co-exist ? Read ahead to find out

Is art the same as entertainment?
These two seem to be very connected but there ought to be a difference and if not? We ought to create one.
On the surface both art and entertainment might seem connected and mixed but there is a fundamental difference as you look at it with some keenness.
Art elevates you, this means art can be anything - beautiful or ugly - that elevates you. But entertainment on the other hand dampens you, dulls you, makes you unconscious and comfortable. Art might or might not provide comfort but entertainment is always comforting
Art, for people of higher maturity and awareness can be anything and everything. Because for such people anything can be elevating.
If true art is wearing a mask and hiding your expressions then aren't we all artists? Some say real art is in expression of who you truly are and if this is true then there is no need to identify it with personas. Maybe art is somewhere in the middle of expression, and containing the real expression, maybe art is the combination of what audiences want to see and what they don't, maybe it's a combination of what is real and what is fiction. Maybe there is no absolute, and this absence of any absolute is art.