Author Kshitij Shokeen

Category Original Fiction

Abstract Life seldom gives second chances, but what happens when it does ?

Kumar came back from the park before six as always, he had his snacks and went to his grandpa straight away to show him a magical enrapturement in his class bottle.
Kumar looked in his room, he then went down in the hall and looked for him, "Dau!" he repeatedly recited. Dau was nowhere. His excitement for the firefly he had with him was mixing with the frustration of not being able to show this to his Grandpa.
The eight year old went straight to his room, kept the bottle and waited. His wait did not end, his energy did, he fell asleep.An hour later when he got up with a sudden burst of impatient irritation abruptly in his half awake state he roamed in the whole house searching for his Dau again, went down and up, and on the terrace there was a store, latched up from outside, he saw it latched up and was turning around but then he hear Dau.
"Kumar! I'm here son... In the store." Kumar ran towards the store and got the latches down. "Someone must have locked me in here while I was getting seeds for the new pots. Aah! It's suffocating. Thanks to Mother Kali, you came to rescue me, Kumar."
Kumar smiled at him, and ran down, he took his bottle and ran to the park. From that moment this bottle lay there open, and empty from inside, perhaps waiting to become a new home for some spiders or termites.