Author Kshitij Shokeen

Category Non-Fiction

Abstract A brilliant article that re-examines the definition of beauty as perceived by the society and challenges it to the core

What makes something beautiful?
If I really wish to answer this and if I genuinely know what makes something beautiful then I'd rather refrain from answering this question itself in the first place. But just for the sake of provoking your minds to think about it, I'll put down some points that you might want to go through
Without any doubt beauty is different for different people at the same time there are some common factors that seem beautiful to groups or segments of people for similar or same reasons.
Anyways, none of that is important. Not because beauty is seen with disdain but because there is no point in arguing and discussing something that is so evident and inevitable. People find various things beautiful. Period.
Nature, which humans are also an inseparable part of, is unquestionably very beautiful. Be it inhospitable extreme conditions or very life nourishing over populated environments. Everything has its beauty.
Humans are also not different from nature. Every person is beautiful, unless you have a personal quarrel with someone you will find everyone beautiful.
But there is one place where the best beauty standards also fail to sustain the beauty of a human being. Suppose a human has as perfect nose as you can think, as perfect eyes and ears as you can imagine, absolutely perfect features, hair, body - size, shape and everything.
But this person has a strange pride about it, some arrogance that s/he is so beautiful.
Suddenly the whole beauty that this person possessed shatters and dissolves into dust. You still might find the person attractive but your eyes would not find an atom of beauty in this person. Because this person is proud of something that isn't her/his own.
The beauty I am talking about, physical beauty is largely what comes to us from our ancestors, and whatever else you created with your workout, procedures and treatments or diet is also something very temporary. Being overwhelmed by one's own temporary physical self is a sure way to make yourself go crazy very early. And not in a good way.
Sita in Indian history and lores is considered to be one of the most beautiful females. She might have been beautiful, maybe the description is true but that is not actually what made her sustain her beauty. It was the fact that she never attached any importance to the fact that her face was perfect and beautiful which made her stand out. Even though everyone saw her as the epitome of beauty, she never identified herself with this.
And that's why even though humans are a part of nature, where nature's everything seems beautiful, most of what humans do and look like does not seem so beautiful.
Because only humans take pride in being beautiful. And you can have only one thing, either you're beautiful or you're proud of it.