Author Florence Chanu

Category Poem

Abstract Just another typical storyline of being friends with the one we admire more than a friend. It’s just person waiting to be noticed by someone.

Millions storey of hopes were already built.
Thousands of them where already broken down.
Through the veil to block the sunlight
I see your eyes blocking yet again by that spectacles
To reveal that lively crystal eyes
Waiting to be mesmerized by many someone.
You know nothing, I can do nothing.
All you do is normal, all I feel is special.
My eyes linger at that smile.
My eyes shift to your lips.
The urge to call you mine shoots up.
The fear of losing friendship also shoots up.
In your autumnal heart, I am throwing a spring flower.
It’s planted but neither it bloom nor it extirpate.
I failed to bloom on the trees of your heart
Now I am trying to bloom on the surface of your heart.
Under the sky filled with grey clouds
I am waiting for your shower of cloudburst.
For the flower are now not applicable to be extirpated.
For the flower are now I know the beauty of it.