Author Aditi Verma

Category Poem

Abstract It's a little piece about the graduates of batch 2023, who craved hard for the college life, but half of it vanished from their hands without even visiting the college due to a thing called pandemic which no one imagined.

It's a story of a girl named BETA

She was craving for cake
Is this a big deal ?
Yes, for her it was!!
Firstly, she convinced her parents
and sought their permission
Then she went to a bakery
Found a perfect cake, with three slices
She was absolutely ecstatic
So she just flew back home and opened the package.
Picked the first piece,
And BOOM !!
Something happened,
Nobody knows what ?
But everything was paused,
People call it a pandemic.
And Beta can only see that cake from a slight distance.
It's still paused
Oh my god! Her cake is vanishing
She's in tears since there are only two pieces left
Sorry, but we can't do anything !!
Batchmates, it's not any Beta, it's us
And I just hope everything to be unpaused and
We'll be able to taste at least that last piece,
I mean our college last year