Writer Rudraksh Pandey

Category Poem

Abstract A medieval-themed poem that draws brilliant contemporary parallels !

Go and call the king
He needs to be here
Tell him as of now, as you can, as you think
He needs to be here as he is the freaking king
The tower’s on fire and the riches are being looted
Grains are gone while the civilians are being muted
These invaders are high on blood
Oh god! We pray for a flood,
So that they drown and die
That’s the only method left to try
Where is the king, and his promises
He is in the palace?
While the world around here blemishes
Go and call the king
He needs to be here, here right now!!
Eyes are closed and the blood’s gone dry
Fingers crackling while these humans cry
The gods are watching from far away, the king’s still not on his way
Seems as the world was a classic preach,
irony being the only figure of speech
Times like these are the real test of man
As the Dark knight rises in the clan
Swords on his waist, and knives around
He’s cutting and killing, while the enemy’s surround
Hope is a good thing, they’ve always said
But not if on stake is our daily bread
Eagles flying, crows cawing
They also know that there’s a treat ahead
Humans are killing each other
Let’s hope for their head
The invader’s army is 1000 strong
But the dark knight has something else on mind
He is waiting for the king to come
For he awaits to see this coward in the kingdom
Everything after that remains a legend
Thank you for being with us,
it’s The End.