Writer Florence Chanu

Category Original_Fiction

Abstract We all have been hearing and comparing flower as female but do you ever thought that flower can be anyone?

hey say 'SHE' is a flower. But why only 'SHE', why not all the earthlings? If you ask me I would say humans are the same as flowers and not just the female species. What comes in your mind when you see the word 'flower'? Is it beauty, or is it fragrance? All in all something good appears, right? Well I cannot say the same for those who are allergic to pollen and flowers. But do all the flowers turn out to be just like what we have in our mind?
Maybe and maybe not. As a human, we carry the smiles on our faces. It's the same with the beauty of flower that we see and people made the preconceptions that we are happy. And that's where something dangerous and a manipulative fire begin to burn. Human beings are the most unpredictable yet predictable species on the earth. They will say something and mean something, like some flowers whose beauty is beyond the universe but, their character; it is not compatible with the beauty in all it is.
Countless things remained unsaid in our life time to hundreds of people, like those wildflowers in the woods that remained unnoticed and one day their time is over and dried up. When the next season arrives, at that same place, at that same air, at that same ground the flower will sprang again. Because it was not really extirpated. And just like this, those apologies, those resentment words, those gratitude, those all the things that we have buried in our hearts which we wish we could have said but at the same time we are grateful that we didn't said any of those; it will eventually come up in our mind when we see that familiar face again, when we hear from that familiar voice again. See I told you humans are unpredictable yet predictable.
Ever heard of a flower called Corpse Flower? Well it's a very rare flower. Unique at the same time. It takes around 7-10 years to become a full bloom flower. And when it does it emits the smell of dead body, dead meat. Hey wait don't judge it yet, don't be a typical human being okay. If you consider it from a different angle you will quite admire it. Floriographically even if it does somehow represents the death; I would want the world like seriously the whole world to see it from this angle of mine too.
Titan arum or the corpse flower is one of the rarest plants like the rarest decent human that is nearly impossible to find in this era. It takes a lot of time to just sprout and become a plant let alone a full blossom flower. It has medicinal benefits but the world ignores its benefits just like we ignore good people without knowing their inner self. And as said before it is smelly and plus point to it, it is not easy to plant due to its size, the patience, the care that needs to be given. But when it blooms, you will feel the confidence that emits from it.
he way it blooms reminds me of a person standing proudly of what they have achieved, that they have strived for a long time. Something that the society had always looked down of what they are doing, with a verdict of they won't be successful. But they don't let it affect them and work harder and one day make it possible and there they are successful standing proudly with a big proud smile which is a real one not a showpiece curve of lips which the world claims as a smile. And that is the big slap one could give to all those prejudices with a splash bucket full of success. Are you not curious yet how the flower looks like? Come on dude hit corpse flower to Google you will realize what I meant by this. Last but not the least I would like to say 'HATRED CAN BE BEAUTIFUL AND GOODBYES CAN BE PERFUMED'.