Author Geetanjali B

Category Original Fiction

Abstract Love is complicated, yes it is, but it’s a child’s play with the right person and right time where just a moment is enough to sway your whole existence by the other person.

Asher and Vivian were two different people who lived a completely opposite life style. One lived for himself while one lived for her loved ones, one lived the day while the other one lived waiting for the day, both tied up in their own world brought together by the tie of fate. One common thing between them were the love that they both had inside themselves.
It was almost impossible at times to put a barrier to where one’s feelings could flow and most people would think that finding someone would make us have this barrier up and make us suffer, but with the right person, that person will carry your wave to a place where you least expected and instead of making you put up barrier, they will break that barrier for you because they want to explore more of you, have more of you and want more of you and bring sides of you which you didn’t know that could never exist.
The moment my eyes opened, it felt empty as if a piece or a part of it was ripped apart. But when I met your eyes, it felt as if it was meant to perceive you in instant. My eyes met numerous others’ eyes, saw numerous other events and witnessed numerous sceneries, the emptiness inside of me was seeking everything that I felt was lost that I knew what was happening at each and every corner. But look at the coincidence of fate that made me meet you in an unsuitable atmosphere! I don’t remember anything except for those eyes of yours, what I’ve been searching for I found it when I met your eyes.
From cradle to grave we were destined to be together. The stars lined up so perfectly and it was the most complete I’ve ever felt. I still vividly remember when my eyes fell into the depth of your eyes and how I didn’t wanted to escape the slow falling hypnosis of your eyes. It was mid of fall, when the sun was low about to go down and night soon approaching, a gust of wind carrying the fallen leaves like a bunch of butterflies of the fall just appeared out of nowhere that caught my eyes and how I was hesitant to follow them but my consciousness told me maybe just maybe follow it.
It was fate that a gust of wind out of nowhere caught your eye sight and I followed it’s every turn and went wherever those leaves were leading towards, and they were leading me towards you. You too seemed to have followed those butterflies, that lead us to each other as if someone intentionally made a string out of those leaves and was pulling it so that we can meet.
t was a love at first sight. We moved involuntarily towards each other and stood there enchanted out by the deepest depths of our eyes. It created such a euphoric atmosphere that I vowed to myself, even if it may take more than one life for our destined constellation to be one forever, my eyes will never waver to other’s eyes and I’ll never give up on you.
Years have now passed we have grown old together, hand in hand we passed different difficult paths of our lives. I still remember that day. Now that I look at you, you have aged like a fine wine of the old world. Wrinkles around your eyes, around the curves of your lips when you smile, droopy eyelids that feels like it would shut any moment for you to become one with nature again from where one takes birth, grey hair that seemed like the clouds floating on a fine sunny day in England, your hands that used to be rosy red and as soft as those rose petals have now become rough and wrinkled after going through the paths of life.
Everything have changed but the stardust that the fate had drawn us towards each other never faded in their existence, instead it shone brighter than when we met. Your voice is as sweet as it was when we were young, it still sounds as sweet as those early morning chirpings that we hear in our front yard. The swap of time shook everything, except for you and I.
We share a scenery,
A scenery seen by hundreds.
Among those hundreds, my eyes witnessed every event,
Every leaf that fell off the branch, every gust of wind that hit my face.
I was present to witness the scenery and it’s events.
At the end I also became a part of the scenery for that moment.
My eyes and I became a part of that scenery,

A scenery seen by hundreds,
But my eye is not I.
I maybe be a part of the scenery but for my conscience,
It will be I who will decide if they will be a part of it.
My eyes maybe a part of me, but it’ll not decide my conscience,
I will decide what I want in my conscience to exist.
If you came to me with a face I’ve never seen, a voice which I’ve never heard, I’d still recognize you. The stardust in your eyes that shone the brightest when I first saw you, never left since then. Time may make it seem cloudy to others but I never let them fade away in my conscience carried you, the one I fell in love with here in front of my eyes. Stardust present in your eyes, in my eyes, were meant to be together, together to form one of the most unique constellations of our lives.
So this is love, you made me say that. You made me feel how it was supposed to be like.