Writer Florence Chanu

Category Poem

Abstract Even after living under the same roof for the whole life, a mother is someone whom we always take granted for. Yet they would still be choosing us.

That very afternoon
The sun scorched above the head
Pastel green phanek, white shirt and an ombre inaphi
Oh! What a beauty!
Head turns to the left, turns to the right
For you were waiting the road to be deserted again
Clasping an orchid as the dearest
Flashing that smile, not too bright, not too gloom.
The smile carries fine lines of responsibilities
The bangles on her hand weighed down
May be the sparks fled for she have met me
Yet she still loves me. Why?
Thou art Goddess, whom should I admire?
The flower in my goddess hand or you?
I realised both are withering
With the season swapping.
That very afternoon
I accept the flower
She accept my feelings
And she smiles, the sparks still there.
And I realised my Mama is the most beautiful.