Author Bhavika Sachan

Category Poem

Abstract A heartfelt "Ode" by the narrator to the person , who made her feel like "Home"

I know I am supposed to leave you alone,
And I know my messages shall be seen when desparate feelings of yours will go.
But still, by the same hand that has preserved us through difficulties,
I choose to tell you right here, right now how I feel...
In a world of practicality that corrupts my thoughts,
You are the constant reminder of my heart's call.
In a world where I stand alone,
You are the only one I call my own.
Not so much as to wager you without a second thought,
Like Yudhisthira in his disraught.
I remember all those days, those desparate sleepless nights,
Where you were the only one who held me tight.
In a world where relations last as long as needs,
You are the only one that I still percieve.
In a world of "I am busy", You are the only one who kept calling me.
Like a parent, you nutured me in my months, bore my tantrums,
Like a child, I wept on your shoulders as you offered me your bosom.
No words can express the gratitude I hold,
Know this, the universe is thankful that you found me, my soul.
The other half of me that kept lingering, prolonging my search to blissfulness,
Is incomplete without your presence.
No complaints, no comments can I make
That would be enough to resolve my solitude,
But you- oh you! The great messanger of patience and trouble,
you are the only one to tell me "It's over"
The storm has passed, the guilt has subsided.
Right now, it's just you and me alongside a comfy shore.
Join your hands and pray for light,
But look at me and find your shine.
No more greater than what you see,
No more lesser than what you feel.
It's as simple as it can possibly seem,
I am your home and you are mine...