Author Bhavika Sachan

Category Poem

Abstract Poet uses metaphor of a moon in the sky to convey deeper truths of life

How often do you see-
The glistening moon in the sky?
You must have heard them too-
The folktales of the cities up high?
The Man-i'-the-Moon's eternal glory,
Scarred inspiration that struggled and survived.
Guiding light in the darkness of life
Sighs of Hope in the twinkling stars
Courage in the puffing soot of the Old Man's cigar.
I believed it too-
Like a child should.
No sooner, the myth was broken too;
I knew. As the girl in me grew.
In the passing glimmer of its nostalgia,
I finally understood.
The scars on the moon
As mute stories of inscrutable gloom.
Of course, I still look up in the sky-
This time as a woman, in a new light,
With empathy in my reddened eyes-
Not for the moon of the children's tales,
But one that has to depend
On the superior sun's rays,
For the shining glory as well the pain.
Just like me,
Outraged, disfigured, frigid and torn,
Crushed under the weight of the endless norms.
Doomed, in silent acquiescence,
Forever, at the beck and call
To revolve around my thirsty landlord.