Author Rhea Jose

Category Poem

Abstract Poet gives her own spin on the saying "Humans are the best creation of God" !

They say,
When in doubt
Sing out loud
Sing out praises
Of the gods up above
Sing praises of their
Greatest deeds
Sing of their
Never ending mercy
They say,
When in dire distress
Think of them, and you’ll be saved Think of them,
and blessings will reign
We sing of their perfection
We sing with hopeful adoration We acclaim their utmost purity No,
not a single black stain,
we say Blameless. We say with surety
But you see,
Even the gods
Made a mistake
A mistake,
Of dire consequence
A black stain lies on the corner Of their blinding perfect image.
“A mistake?,”
You cry out in disdain
How could the Gods
Who made our ways
Wrote in stone our fates
Be stained?
And to your rambles
I hold up a hand and say
‘It was a mistake they didn’t intend,
It was a mistake they didn’t think Would be of consequence’.
‘Well, what is it?’,
You cry in frustration
I smile a crooked smile and say, ‘Well, they made us, didn’t they?’.