Writer Inika Ambalike

Category Original Fiction

Abstract This is a Point-of-View story of a detective that just solved the murder of a therapist.

Usually, after closing a case, my partner and I go out for dinner to celebrate. But today, I’m sitting all alone in a bar, at 2 am, no partner and no celebration. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be was a detective like Sherlock Holmes. But I never thought much about the after affect of a case. Like this one.
On Monday, my partner and I got a new case. We were excited for this one. It was my partner’s first real murder. When we got to the scene, I was a little concerned. It was a residential area only two blocks away from where I lived. The forensic report confirmed the woman was in her late 30s and died because of a blunt force trauma to the head two days ago. There were signs of struggle but no break-in entry. So the victim probably let the murderer in. Or forgot to loch her door. Further research on the victim and her background was done and neighbours were questioned.
By Tuesday, we got a clear image of the victim's profile. Dr Merlay was a therapist and kept extensive notes on all her clients. She was married for 4 years before getting a divorce and was a mother of two children. The ex-husband was brought into questioning. He didn’t have much bad to say about the deceased. They split because they couldn't get along like they used to. He didn't want to talk about it any further. At the night of the murder, he was with the children at a theatre. His alibi was confirmed. All her clients on the day of the murder were also brought in. None of them seemed suspicious. One of them did say they had heard her arguing with a former client a few weeks ago but didn’t know who.
Wednesday, we dug deeper into this former client. Checking her schedule, in the past few weeks she had stopped treating 3 people. One was a man. He was in his 40s and he "disappeared". Notes on him said that he was a drug abuser that started because of the passing of his parents at a young age. Her notes also said he was recovering well and finally accepting the death of his parents as an unchangeable event that shouldn’t guilt him anymore. I never got to the part where I wondered why he felt guilty about his parents' death.
The second client, or clients, were a couple. They were there for couple’s counselling for 3 years and her notes didn’t say why they stopped either. The last few pages did say they were at the verge of a divorce. Looks like those 3 years didn’t help them much. Further research on the drug abuser was done and his location was found out because of his credit card transactions. He was our leading suspect as of then.
On Thursday, the suspect was brought in for questioning. He was in fact the one arguing with the victim and stopped coming in because he had gone back to his old habits but insisted he wasn’t the murderer. He did not have an alibi on the time of murder. My partner said it was best to arrest him for the murder. The suspect, on a last attempt at freedom, said that the victim was in a relationship with one of her clients. Maybe they knew more. We weren’t really sure of it, but did decide to see what it was all about. The couple were asked to come in the next day. Since we did not have any new leads or suspects, my partner and I decided to go out for a drink and take off for the day.
On Friday, the couple did not show up. They weren’t even at their home and the neighbours didn’t know where they were either. This was concerning. We put out a bolo for them and search parties were also one the look out. A few hours later, the husband was found, running aimlessly trying to "escape" as he said.
He was bought in for questioning and we finally got to know the clearer picture. He was cheating on his wife with the victim. And she encouraged them to get a divorce. I was seriously questioning what type of a therapist she was. Or what kind of a person she was in general. What she did was very unethical and would definitely get her license terminated. This guy also knew why the victim and her husband initially split up; she was cheating on him. But this is where things got interesting.
His wife, he claimed, was the murderer. That she was aware of his secret relationship, which is why she made him stop counselling and returned four days later to murder the therapist. My partner and I both agreed that the assumptions were a little extreme. But, good news for us, kind of, the wife was found, also on the run. It was dark outside by the time we reached he location.
The sun sets early in the winter in this part of the world. We approached her. She seemed scared. And she was shouting and what sounded like in tears "I didn’t mean to. It was an accident!" My partner took a step closer to her. He asked what she did not mean to do. She looked terrified to see him and she shot him. Right then and there. The other cops who had come with us all got on high alert. We weren’t aware she was armed or that she owned a gun. One of them tackled her to the ground and quickly disarmed her and arrested her.
A medic arrived shortly and took my partner in. Back in the station, she was confronted and she confessed to the victim’s murder. She had indeed found out about the secret relationship and how her husband saw her as crazy and asked the therapist to split them up carefully so she wouldn’t lash out on him and do something to hurt him as she would if he had told her to get a divorce directly. The murderer went to "talk" to the victim, which led to a fight.
She harshly pushed the victim down, which resulted in her hitting her head on the edge of a coffee table and bleeding. Not knowing what to do, the murderer had wiped the blood off the coffee table with her shirt and left the unconscious victim in a hurry instead of calling for an ambulance, which caused the her to die of excessive bleeding. The murderer, now terrified of what she had done, ran away. The hospital where my partner was admitted called shortly to inform me that he didn’t make it. The bullet went straight through his lungs and burst an artery.
All that happened a few hours ago. Right now I’m sitting alone and have realised how risky my job is. I hadn’t known my partner for longer than a year as he was a new kid who was very excited about his big promotion to a detective. And now, he died at the line of duty. But this is a risk we agreed to work with. I never realised how real it was. Never realising how in a week’s time we could lose our lives. By Monday, I will have to go back to work, unaffected by today’s events, and pretend all this was normal. But I don’t know how. I don’t know how to process all of this and go back to work knowing this can repeat all over again next week.