Writer Florence Chanu

Category Original Fiction

Abstract A story that presents a new dimension of love and the idea of a romantic relationship,transcending many boundaries in the process.

On that fall season she was there inside the nursery without any care, flawlessly carrying herself in a way that it will caught all the eyes of the passersby. I was also one of them. Till now I haven’t realized if I have fallen for her or for the love of guitar that syncs with mine or the fact that she share my passion for the love of flower. Today, after 7 years of admiring her silently without letting anyone see the beauty of the flower that I am sheltering in my heart, I am standing before her nursery to reveal something that I have been holding for this very long time.
In my hand there’s a page torn from a binder diary. I bet there are some stains on it, the paper is no longer white in color, the inks on it are faded, and the scent of roses that I had sprinkled is now very subtle. But… it is still fresh in my mind, that very day of my 18th birthday, meeting her being the best gift for the rest of my life.
When I enter inside, I see her sitting by the window drown in my favorite song which now becomes our favorite song. I tap on her shoulder, and it’s still the same, it is all it takes to sent me trough a trip of emotions. She stands up seeing me and tries to stop the music blaring out from the vinyl, I indicate to just let it play. Ehen she stands up I bend down before her on both my knees.
“Emily, before you say anything please let me complete everything that I want to say okay. This is a page from my diary that I had written on the day I first build up all the courage and enter your nursery.
24th November 2014
Dear diary,
What are the odds of meeting her with this unexplainable feeling?
The world wouldn’t want us to be together then why does the universe make us meet. I can’t help myself but admire her, her hazel color eyes complementing her brunette hair, the dimple on the right cheek when she smiles. The spectacles sitting on her nose she looked up behind the counter table with her nose crinkled and asked.
“How may I help?”
And that was all it took to sent me through a journey of emotions in one shot. Dumbfounded I had to answer something so I chose the guitar before my eyes sitting on the stage as an excuse. With all the beauty she is, she asked do you wanna play. And yet again I regret not learning it. I don’t know how to play but I love it, and without saying anything seeing my hesitation she offered to play my favorite songs. And this is the first time even the Taylor Swift’s Ours could not stop me from cherishing that angel before me.
We have never met before, actually she have never met me before. I was among the nobody, non-existing in her life. But today I want her to know me too. Or does she know – there’s this girl who came daily, sitting at the coffee shop facing her nursery and fancying her? I know this is just my wishful thinking.
Unlike other days, today she looks more beautiful. She wore a mint green pastel solid color dress, her hair not too long not too short, a half up ponytail with a white color scrunchie, the bangs fall over her face and she was trying to get rid of it with that muddy hand of hers from digging the soil. The more perfect and flawless she is the more I become scare.
By the end of the day we still don’t know each other’s name. the day went by just like other day but this time I am not admiring her from far away rather she is right before my eyes, I could feel her eyes on me too, I could hear my favorite song through a voice which gives me a home rather than the spotify which ads keeps making me inferior all the time. What lies ahead of this? I don’t know. Yet I know everything.
She didn’t say anything so I take as my cue to continue.
“Do you know why I bought these five flowers? Only if you know a little bit about floriography. All my life I have been living with flowers. It became a compulsion to include flowers while I do something special. I am trying to make it special rn too but I think I am failing miserably.
This gladioli for I will remember you forever even if…even if there’s a day come that you won’t want to see me anymore. This sunflower for my pure thoughts of love. This tulip for my feelings that I have been carrying with me for you for the past 7 years. This red gardenia for I would respect your decision if you want to keep this relationship secret for now. And this daffodil for our new beginning as ‘US’. I hope you will accept my flowers and even if you don’t I hope we can still be friends.”
She just stands there without any word just blinking two or three times, and then she brought me up from the ground, she smiles and said-
“Took you very long enough. I thought you will end up getting a boyfriend rather than me. So we are now officially girlfriends?”
And yet again it was all it took. But this time it is not only me it’s us going through a journey of emotions in each other’s arms where one could feel, ‘I come home’.