Writer Nusrat Parveen

Category Original Fiction

Abstract A horror-tale that brings in spine-chilling elements and spirals you into a world of mystery,suspense and fear.

A man was tired from the city life and decides to shift to a small village.
He buys an old house on top of a hill. By the time he reaches the village, it gets dark. He notices that the village is isolated and there are no lights, no human around. It starts to storm and rain. Annoyed, he tries to get help through phone, but does not find any signal. Soon he sees a woman with a lamp coming towards him. As she comes towards him he notices that her hair is all over her face, he can’t actually see her face and her hands are shaking, he feels creepy. He asks her directions for the house, she still looking down, points her right shaking hand towards the direction.
The house was situated deep into the forest, far away from any other house in the village. While driving he hears wolfs howling and other sounds of animals. He feels scared. It was too dark to see the house. He turns on the torch and looks at the house. “It does not look any less than a haunted home” he thinks to himself. There are crows, bats and spider webs around the house. Just as he unlocks his house and opens the door a cloud of bats hits him down. He screams Ahhh. He gets bruises on his face sees a lighted lamp coming to him. He couldn’t believe what he was looking at. A lamp moving on its own!.
He feels shocked. Scared, he takes a step back, turns around and sees the same woman. Her long hair growing and raising up, looking like a bush and eyes growing in them as fruit grows in a tree. She starts to come closer to the man, and suddenly, raises her head. He notices that she has blood color eye balls and they are bleeding. Appalled, he runs back to his house and locks the door. Just when he turns back he see the old woman again. He starts to scream Ahhhh! Witch! Witch! and runs into another room.
Just as he enters the room he feels like he stepped on something soft, not on hard floor. A lighting struck nearby, through the light he sees human bodies on the floor. And then the smell of rotten flesh hit him. He screams Ahhhh… The witch, now, starts singing lullaby. The man runs to the other room and finds webs all around and stumbles upon a skeleton, a cloud of bat hit him again, the huge spiders from the webs crawl all over his body. The man screams Ahhhh… the spiders pull out his right eye.
At this, the man starts crying from the agony. To protect his other eye, he cover his face with his hands and manage to run toward the exit gate. With one hand covering his right hand, he tries to open the gate, pushing, pulling and kicking, but the gate wont budge. The singing sounds louder and louder, the man notices the woman right next to him. Still crying he asks “what have I done”, “what wrong did I do” to which the woman replies “Nothing” “I like your eyes” “I want your other eye”. The man pleads “no” , “please don’t” and one branch of the tree of her hair moves and pulls out the man’s left eye. The man dies and the witch laughs and sings to herself.