Author Inika Ambalike

Category Original Fiction

Abstract The story of a young woman who loves to day dream about magical lands and fantastical adventures.

The sun was shining brightly. Through my hair, I could feel the cold ghsut of wind. At a far distance, I saw the horizon fading into the lush grass of Moore's, and there stood my vision of earning a medal of glory. A dragon. "The" dragon.
It terrorised the villages and killed innocent children. And I was heard to end it all with- "Excuse me ma’am, but do you have the ‘House of M’ series?" I snapped out of my daydream and looked up at a young man. "No. We may get them by next Monday; you can come and check." "Thanks," said the young man, and he hurried out of the bookstore.
When it's not rush hour, which is usually late at night for me, I like to sit back and fall into my fantastical land. I live in a small town and operate a bookstore. Because there aren't many libraries or bookstores in this area, people have learned about my little shop. I see people of all ages coming in to read and buy books from a wide range of genres, and I have a few regulars.
My younger sister is possibly my most devoted customer. She is a voracious reader. The issue is that she has read every single fantasy book I possess. And she isn't a fan of books that are even remotely similar to reality. So, when I'm bored, I create these fantasy stories, which my sister and I work on afterwards. But wait, where was I? Oh yes! The dragon. Isn't that to cliche? Perhaps a heist is preferable. But that is so overdone.
I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't notice the little girl who had approached the counter. "Can I have this?" she asked, holding up a book that was far beyond her reading level and far too graphic for her. I wasn't about to turn down a sale, so I billed it for her. Just then, I noticed her mother trailing her. That made it more likely that she'd read it.
The mother's hair was particularly noticeable. It was a bright shade of green, fading to a more pastel version towards the tip. And she pulled it off. I always wanted to colour my hair a bright colour, but it was way too much commitment. And I wouldn’t know how to style it.
The book the mom had bought was about war, which now got me thinking: what if instead of the dragon, there were two kingdoms, both at war, one led by the young boy from before and the other by the green-haired woman? But why were they at war? Glory? Prosperity? I checked what time it was and decided to close the store a little early and head home
could hear my sister screaming and giggling from her room all of the way down at the front door. I went up to her room and she greeted me with the most joyous attitude as ever. "How was work?" She shouted at me from her bed.
She had a bunch of dolls together along with her and what appeared like our cat but was embellished with clips on her long fur. "It was good. And I actually have new material to add to our story. "
"Oh yaay!" She exclaimed. I admired her optimism in everything. Around a year ago, she had an accident that got her bedridden. And instead of feeling awful and wallowing in disappointment, she started to read and live life in a more fantastical manner with unique versions of reality.
"What do you have?" "I’ve got kingdoms at war, however, I don’t know why..." She gave it some thought. "Maybe they are fighting for a portion that offers eternal youth!" "Oh, that sounds good. Why don’t I get us some dinner and we will continue on that thought? " She nodded in agreement and continued to play with the dolls.
Every day, I come returned home with a brand new story, and every day she takes the story to create a new fantasy. You may think this would get boring, however, i find this as quite a content manner of living life.