Author Nusrat Parveen

Category Fan Fiction

Abstract A modern day version of the classic fairytale that takes place in India, will surprise you with new flavours , retaining the magic of the original.

Anjali POV
What a bad day, didn’t even get a chance to speak perhaps tomorrow I will give better oppurtunity. My dear brother Raj is coming from Bangalore. Finally we will meet, and then we will visit market together. Maybe I should call Rahul too, he usually forget things because he is occupied most of time *calls Rahul
Rahul: Hi, what’s up sweety
Anjali: Hi. Hoping you eat your lunch. Tomorrow Raj is finally coming from work. I was wondering that maybe we all can hangout together.
Rahul: OMG, yesss. We totally can and will. Should we surprise him with something?
Anjali: Yes. Should we? Um...With what?
Rahul: Maybe we can cook his favorite meal. I will bring the ingredients and groceries
Anjali: Oh... Do you mean... will we have a food fiesta?
Rahul: Yes, why not.
Anjali: Yes yes! You are the best
Happy she, enters into the balcony where she find clothes dried and she starts folding them. It is hard for her to remember who wear which clothes when almost everyone wear each other clothes.
Anjali lives with seven brother in a small home in Kolar. She is not biologically their sister, as a matter of fact the brother are not biologically related too. She meet them recently, on the run when her step-mother wanted her dead.
She grew up without a mother, and a father who passed away when she was a toddler. She grew up with her house maids. She woke up with them, slept with them, dressed like them. Her step mother Elize never showed much affection towards her. It was one fine day, when her step mother body guard had asked to come with her and told her that her step mother wants her dead. The bodyguard told her to run away and took her necklace as a proof to Elize that he killed Anjali.
Anjali was only 16, she didn’t knew anyone apart from her housemaids. All her life she was caged into a kitchen house of a gigantic mansion. Scared, she ran away into the forest behind the mansion. She kept walking for days, surviving on the occasional wild fruit trees that she encountered on her way.
It was on the 4th day, she found puppies in the forest and decided to play with them and when she notice bread crumbs around she knew that a house or a road was near by and she decided to wait for a human to show.
Next morning when she opened her eyes there were two dogs sniffing & licking her and they brought more bread to their kids. Suddenly, she broke down and started crying, her stomach was hurting. One of the dog climbed on top of her, and started licking her and softly pulling her clothes and barking in such a way as if it was trying to say something. The dog pulled the handkerchief and started running, Anjali started running after the dog as she didn’t want to lose her handkerchief. Her handkerchief meant a lot, as it was given to her by her father. After what it felt like half an hour to the running the dog finally came to stop and put the handkerchief in front of the door of an old hut.
When Anjali noticed that, she realized she had reached a small village. She felt relief and had a little happy cry. She tried calling out people from the hut but received no response. She thought to herself that maybe no one is inside the hut. She entered the hut and noticed that there were piles of dirty dishes in the kitchen, spiderweb on mud walls, clothes lying around in the main room. She thought to herself that if she help and cleans this hut, maybe in exchange the owner of the hut will let her live in it. She started off with a bang, cleaning the hut, noticed a small garden and picked vegetables to cook food. By the time the food was cooking she was too sleepy and slept on the floor.
Once upon a time lived a man with huge jewelry business, name: Vijay. he was wealthy and had all kind of luxury: mansion, sports car, beach houses, anything that was luxurious. With all the luxury and money came power and responsibility too. Woman would often compliment him and ask him out, but he would deny for he had eyes for this woman name: Aisha, but didn’t had much courage to cross professional boundaries and ask her out. You see, Aisha was his personal secretary. They would work together in the same room everyday. Everyday he would admire Aisha from distance. She was one of the most driven, hardworking and beautiful woman he had ever met.
One fine day he gathered courage to ask her to dinner, just he and her without any clients involved. Perplexed, Aisha thought that she misheard. Embarrassed, she asked again
Aisha: then it is just us, without any clients. Am I right sir?
Vijay: Yes dear. At my place, please, be there at 8pm.
Aisha: I am afraid I cant, is night time allowance is covered in my salary?
Vijay: Pardon me, This is not related to work. I forgot to mention that to you. I have something to tell you.
Hesitantly, Aisha: Okay. I will be there on time.
Aisha enters the mansion and notices that it has been beautifully decorated. She is in complete awe, until Vijay brings a ring in his hand and go down in his keens and asks her
Vijay: Will you please be my girlfriend?
Puzzled, Aisha : I am sorry. Is this for some media?
At this response Vijay cracks up and says: No, I really really like you. You are the most strongest person I had ever known, I admire you the most. And I don’t wanna spend even a single day not loving and caring for the person I love the most. You have been with me, in my weakest time and it was since then I started liking you.
Surprised, Aisha: This is very surprising for me. I like you too, you are a great human. Thou...I feel like we really don’t know our personal self. For that, I love to take time to get know you.
Flattered, Vijay: oh! I’d love that.
Post 8 years, the business bloomed at its peak and was popular among wealthy. The couple were very happy and decided to take their relationship forward and marry. Unfortunately, their parents didn’t believe in them, as their thoughts were different towards this decision. They didn’t support inter-religious marriage. When they broke this new to public they couldn’t care less and went ahead with the marriage. Their marriage was successful, many celebrities, designers, models came including the groom ex’s Elize who detested the groom and for he broke up with her because she was Muslim and He was Hindu. Now watching her ex with a Muslim bride: Aisha, Elize was furious. She swallowed her anger and left the ceremony, cursing them bad luck.
Two years later the couple got pregnant with a girl. One day Aisha was walking on a foot path, when, suddenly, a car hit her and at the same time she died but the baby survived. When this news was broke to Vijay he was devastated. The baby was a fighter. The baby was just like as her mother had imagined, her mother wanted to call the baby Anjali. When Vijay hold the baby in his hands he saw reflection of his wife features on the baby. The baby was beautiful, her blue eyes beamed bright and laugh contagious just like her mother. Vijay often used to miss his wife and was often visited by his ex Elize
Soon they formed a bond again and married. When Anjali turned 3 years old, Vijay met a brutal accident and died. And things started to change, Anjali was moved to Kitchen house, she was treated just like any other servants. Her home school teacher was asked to drop and whole day Anjali would assist in the kitchen, play with horse or play in the garden.
The owner of hut were seven lads who were coming back from work and noticed that their garden was disturbed and there was a pleasant smell coming from the window. At first they were scared what if someone had broke in and steal their stuff. Worried they entered the hut with sticks on their hand, and noticed the hut was clean, no precious mug was stolen and went to kitchen to find out a someone was sleeping on the floor.
When they saw that it was young girl sleeping on the floor, they were perplexed and had lot of questions. Anjali woke up the sounds of whispers, and was dumbfounded to find so many boys staring at her. Anjali was a shy girl, scared, she started crying and told them what had happened to her. The lads were very kind and accepted to take her inside, in the exchange of cleaning and cooking for them.
With days Anjali formed good relationship with each lad and called them Bhai (translates to brother in English).
Her brothers: Raj, Rahul, Vinayak, Jamshaad, Amit, Ameer and Ayush. They all grew up in an orphanage ran by a charity. They were very happy there, but alas, they didn’t get enough food to eat. Sometimes they had to survive on water. It wasn’t until when Raj got an oppurtunity to work and live as an inhouse maid in another city, his dear roommates Rahul, Vinayak, Jamshaad, Amit, Ameer and Ayush decided to rent a flat and search for work. They had one another, loved and trusted one another with all they had.
They were all teenagers when they started searching for work, without education people would often reject them. Some days they would work as daily wagers, some days as temporary service employees. They would share everything with one other. Whenever the food was less, they would distribute it equally and gracefully accept it. They shared each other hardships, pains and toxic boss behavior and laugh it off. Their usual routine was to wake up to a musical alarm, singing, dancing, simultaneously making the bed, cooking and having breakfast and running off to work.
It wasn’t until their life was upside down when they encountered Anjali, but soon they coped with changes such as: eating different and delicious cuisines, having lot of visitors at home, getting lot of attention every time there were outside with Anjali, being wary of people around. Anjali was growing up to be a beautiful lady, people would often stop and get captivated by her beauty, people will stop their car and stare at her.
It was as if people couldn’t miss the chance to see a miracle. People would often stammer or forgot their words when approached by Anjali. Which is why she often wore Burkha to aviod attention. It felt annoying to her. People would often call her names, stalk her, slow their vehicle around her. On her 18th birthday Anjali decided to do modeling, due to lack of education she knew that she will not get an office job and she couldn’t do any laborious work.
So when Raj was coming from Bangalore she decided to break this news to her brothers. Raj was very happy to be home and announced his promotion to all. And it was decided that with extra money they will hire a tutor and get education. Anjali was the most happy, she always wanted to study, unfortunately couldn’t. Now it was felt like universe was giving her back. She was very grateful for everything. Everyday she would pray to God that she is happy that she has shelter and food and is away from her stepmother. She couldn’t have it better, her brothers were her happy company.
On Anjali’s 18th birthday, Raj broke a waiteress job oppurtunity to Anjali. At first Anjali was scared, there was lot of questions on her mind, how will she perform, will she be safe there. Raj reassured her and said: he will work there too and there are provisions for misconduct.
Anjali felt assured and said: Yes.
It was for the first time she was traveling on a bus, she had never seen so many people around, population, pollution hit her. There were new things to see around, new experiences to feel and she was thrilled. Watching so many vehicles road made her feel anxious, she was not sure how she was gonna live here when she couldn’t even cross a road by herself. There were situations of self doubts but she calmed herself and said to herself that she will get used to this and there will be lot of learning. After few days in the city, she was doing better. Everyday she would wake up at 5 am, clean room, cook food , get dressed, pack lunch and walk to the Leela palace.
Leela palace was one the most luxurious hotel in the city. She really liked her cafe, where she was working as a waitress and was getting trained by the head himself. The smell of coffee beans would brighten her day instantly. She would often find people looking at her, but she would ignore. One day when she was serving coffee to a customer, the customer asked whether she can take a picture with her.
To avoid bad reviews, Anjali would often go out of her way to impress the customers. Her head was very happy, he would often think to himself how lucky he is for he found such a beautiful waitress, now more people were coming to the cafe, they were having good sales. It is during these thoughts that he got an idea to increase the popularity of the cafe. He asked Anjali to became the face of the coffee brand, Anjali was hesitant at first, but when he mentioned that he will increase her salary she agreed.
Next day, when she entered the cafe, there were lot of people waiting for her. She was taken to a room, where she was dressed and put makeup on for a photo-shoot. The photographer was guiding her with poses and expression. She was nervous and called his brother Raj to be there for the support. Unfortunately he couldn’t get free. She was nervous and it was showing on her face. The lights, camera, and forty people looking at her, made her nervous. The photographer and make up crew tried to make her comfortable. She noticed so many people were trying to be nice to her and she couldn’t let them down, so she braced herself and did her job with all she’s got.
When she came to home, she shared every activity that had happened with Raj. He was very happy seeing Anjali so excited and doing so well.
Raj: I am sorry I couldn’t come to you. My boss wouldn’t let me leave
Anjali: I was missing you! Anyway it went well. You have to see my pictures when it comes
Raj: Offcourse! I will be first one to see. Did you open an Instagram account?
Anjali: No, not yet. Will do right away. Tomorrow I will see the pictures.
Raj: okay, All the best. Share with me first
Anjali: Definitely Bhai!
Next morning when she went to coffee shop, there were lot of people again. There were looking at her and casually clicking her photos. Last night, her photo went viral on Instagram and twitter as fire on a dry forest. She became famous overnight. Her head was ecstatic when he was explaining this to her. What happened next shocked Anjali. She saw her step-mother Elize in the coffee shop looking at her.