Author Rudraksh Pandey

CategoryOriginal Fiction

Abstract An unforgattable evening at the market, that will haunt you forever...

Every step was a small battle, it wasn’t easy to walk past them. It was almost twilight, with the atmosphere being a bit breezier than what was expected of it. The tainted moon up in the dark blue ether was in its crescent phase, with the absence of clouds, the sky was smiling. The conspicuous winds were heavily influencing the leaves, they weren’t acting themselves, the calm demeanour they possess, even envied by the greatest of monks, was contradicting itself, the usual tranquillity and innate peace was gone, they were behaving like a bunch of teenage idiots in a Linkin Park concert, dancing madly and rebelling without cause.
She had to reach home; she was desperate to go home; and she started walking. With each step, there was an assurance, the assurance of being a foot closer to her house, which was anyway 5 kms away. She was terrified.
She knew the blunder she had made in the morning, but it was too late for repentance. She should have listened to her elder brother. She shouldn’t have worn what she was wearing, “maybe, the skirt is a bit too short” she thought as she started stretching the lower end down to her knees, but the wind was too fast for her, and all her efforts to not excite the guys around herself went in vain. She was controlling the direction of most eyeballs in the heavily crowded market, if only she had the power to control the urge, they had, to get a glance of her body.
She had both her hands stuffed inside her purse, frantically searching for something out of her Aladdin’s lamp, something strong enough to maybe save her from an assault, but unfortunately, we don’t make purses with enough artillery. She was desperately searching for some taxi or auto, and luckily she saw one just by the corner, she couldn’t shout though, as that could have led to her being the centre of attention again, which she already was, but apparently there were many more suitors on the road for male eyeballs
She finally reached her house, “the auto driver was a good guy”, she thought. As she paid him the fare and started walking towards her home, she saw three guys from the market waiting outside her house, maybe the auto driver was not good enough.