Author Vanshikaa Kaushik

Category Original Fiction

Abstract An emotional portrayal of the dynamic family bond, that will make you realize how beautiful it is !

Anu had almost reached Vanshika's home when her mother called her to ask when she would be at home. Anu was already so late and after such a hectic day tutoring Vanshika was not an easy task.
"Mother, you have to go by yourself. I'll be late" she answered, "and I can't bring all these things on my way back home. I'm too tired." "But Anu..."
"I'm at Vanshika's. I'm teaching. Bye"
She hung up the phone and rang the doorbell of the house in this narrow street. Dev looked out of the balcony with his most cheerful face. Anu barely liked him or any other child for that matter. What could possibly be the reason for his 24/7 cheerfulness, Anu wondered.
She always used to ignore children and their stupid innocent faces. Maybe that is why she used to scream at Vanshika, enough to make her sit absolutely still with her watery eyes. Her eyes cursed all the questions in her textbooks she couldn't solve despite practicing them regularly. When Anu got tired of shouting at Vanshika she called her mother to complain but ended up getting a horrible responsibility for herself.
"I will take care of her homework. She will study hard from now on" Vanshika's mother somehow handled Anu's temper. "Okay. Take care of the homework I've given her" Anu replied.
"If you are done with the class can you drop Vanshika and Dev here at my office? Their Grandma is not at home, otherwise she would've brought them here." her mother asked her this favour which she couldn't deny but not even once she affirmed.
She told both these little kids to get ready as she is the in-charge of accompanying them to their mother's office today. Dev got excited as if it was something new. However, they both go to their mother's at this time on a regular basis. What's to get excited about something that you do daily?
The kid is absolutely out of his mind, Anu knew.
It was winter and Anu wanted to get back home as soon as possible to get her cold hands and feets in the warm blanket. She wanted to cry at the episode that happened in her college early this morning. Here, she is stuck with these two kids and their nonsense.
Vanshika was 11 years old and she was finding a pair of socks for her brother Dev who was just 5 years old. Dev wanted a hat also but poor Vanshika couldn't find it so she gave him her own hat to wear while stepping down the stairs. When these both little packed furs got outside the house they held each other's hand.
Anu being a 20 years old girl had empathy in her heart for these kids and their mother who works day and night to feed her children and to give them every possible thing she can. Anu had a soft side for this girl, who was walking just ahead of her holding his brother's hand, too tight, but she had to scold her for not being good at Mathematics. When they reached the corner of the Main Road they had to cross and so these two children now held Anu's hand and stood against each side of her. Anu was nervous.
She was the big girl but she was just like any other child who doesn't know the proper way of crossing roads. For herself alone, she has managed all these years without this precious skill of crossing traffic loaded main roads but this time it was different. She had two kids with her who were involved in this moment and who themselves knew the intensity of crossing roads. Anu sensed somehow through the way they held her hands, too tight. Both of these knew just how to hold hands perfectly. Even her own fellows could not hold her hands with this much trust.
Anu took a lot of time to finally decide when to start walking while she was holding these cute little bags in both her hands. She didn't hurry at all. Even when the road was clear and she could easily cross it with a little run, she avoided crossing it because she was too nervous. She didn't know the speed of these two children. She couldn't take a risk. She slowed down and just when the vehicles could be seen enough far to let them walk at a slow pace to cross, she went ahead. Anu felt the excitement when she looked at Dev's face. For him, crossing the road was an adventurous game. This time, Anu could sense the adventure too. She could see in his eyes and could feel the same level of excitement in a regular thing which she does everyday but never like this before. This time was absolutely different.
With just one turn, they were in the street where the office was. When Dev saw his mother's office, he quickly loosened the grip of his hold. He started running towards the office in his new excitement of being with his mother. Anu had to leave them here but somewhere she didn't like when they went running. She wanted them to stay. She wanted to hold their soft hands for some more time but all she did was smile. She smiled at them running towards their mother. She smiled at how alive they are. She smiled after such a long day. She smiled and she needed that only.
When she was on her way back home, she saw her mother in the market with a number of grocery bags hung 'round both her hands. She smiled at this old habit of her mother to never bring a single full sized bag to carry everything together. She went near her without letting her notice and started walking behind her. Then she took the bags from one of her hands in a sudden manner.
"I thought someone's trying to steal those," her mother exclaimed as she saw Anu's face.
"O Maa, you are so cute!" She laughed at her mother's frightened look.
"What would you like to have for dinner?" her mother asked.
"Whatever you'll cook" she said and after so long she held her mother's hand, so tight.