Author Kshitij Shokeen

Category Non-Fiction

Abstract Can an individual perception of a situation can drastically affect its actual nature, or in other words , is reality of life subjective ?

Too much has been said on this subject of truth and reality by so many people who just ended up confusing millions of their intellectual masturbators (readers). A very popular idea these days that is being very widely used for all kinds of excuse driven arguments by everyone is - the subjectivity of reality.
They argue that reality is subjective which simply means that what I think or more precisely, 'feel' is real is real for me and what you feel is real is the reality for you. When one looks at it on the surface, it seems like a very flexible idea and perhaps even very open. But a single logic defies this property of flexibility and openness of this idea.
And that is - if something is real, which literally means something which is true in its actuality and not in the perception or experience of anyone. Then reality cannot be binary. And if it happens to be binary and it will, then it's not at all real.
For example, when I touch a glass of water that is around room temperature, if my hands are cold it feels warm to me. If my hands are warmer than that glass, it feels cold to me. The same glass feels like totally two different things. This example itself clarifies that our perception is subjective and will always remain so. But this also tells us that through this kind of perception and mental processes we can never know the reality.
And when I say reality, I don't mean the trillion things you mean by this term. Reality here means something that is actually existent. Now someone might argue - 'Since the nature of the physical world is ever changing and very confusing, is there nothing real in this world? And if not, why would we believe the shit you've been writing. Why should we even bother continuing reading this?'
For you all I have an answer. Just experiment with yourself, for a second, drop all your computations about whatever you're perceiving right now. You'll get to a space where there is no reality, no concept of truth or illusions or any such thing. Just you and whatever exists other than you. That's the reality for you right now. When you're free from mental work, you're open to the reality that actually surrounds you from within and outside.