Author Florence Chanu

Category Poem

Abstract First day of school filled with excited faces, amidst there was a stranger at odds with the current ambience. Curiosity summons and that was the beginning of yet another story.

On that 4th July of cloudburst
I met you by the stairs.
Beside the faded-off yellow walls
I see your tired eyes
Those eyes were showing something else
At variance with my eyes.
Disoriented shirt hugging you, embracing my curiosity.
Distorted scarf wrapping you, opening my anticipatory.
There erupted a sound,
Making the school day to start,
Disciplining the students in verandah,
Breaking my unknown solicitude.
That sound erupted again
Making the school day to end,
Deviating the students in the class,
Bringing me back to that tired eyes.
Beside the faded off yellow bus
I see your stolen glance.
Those eyes were telling a story
At variance with my feelings.