Writer Mayur Mishra

Category Non-fiction

Abstract The article is all about the unique demographic dividend India is expected to have by 2022-23, supported with facts and reports.

“The energy and dreams of young people have the potential to sustain the future.”
Swami Vivekanand the most eminent youth icon, century back recognized the potential which the youth of a country possess.
World’s largest democracy is now the youngest country in the aging world with an expected median age of 28, by the year 2022-23, India is all set to compete with its aging counterparts like China with a median age of 37 and Western world with a median age of 45. Young India holds immense potential to emerge at the center stage of the globe with possibly the largest labour force and brightest of minds.
Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development (CECD) and World Bank are predicting loss of per capita income and coming global recession in the post covid era but they still have a positive outlook towards the growth of India. The reason lies in the demographic dividend which India holds, the population which was always considered a backdrop for India is now looked upon as a blessing. After two long decades of identity crisis in the 21ST century, finally the world is looking at us both in terms of economic as well as social aspects.
In line with the government’s vision of us becoming the third largest economy, the Center of Economics & Business predicts India to be a 7 trillion economy by 2030. The government will surely hold the driver’s seat and take the bullet train of devlopement at a benchmark speed. Fueling schemes such as “Make in India” will be a key push factor for the speeding development goals of India. Economist Raghu Ram Rajan suggested the government to focus not only on “Make in India” but also on “Made for India” as the world won’t accept more manufacturing giants like China. Apart from rapid development prospects, the Indian youth is equally sensitive and aware of the environmental concerns and climate change. According to a survey by HSBC, 85% of the youngsters in India are more inclined to work in sustainable, ecofriendly work place and businesses.
Silver line of India is shining throughout the world and thus needs protection both from state and individual. Dadabhai Naroji gave the “drain of wealth” theory when the golden bird was systematically looted by the colonial powers. In today’s scenario, the wealth is not just physical money but the manpower, the peace and the sovereignty. So, to protect the rising star of the world “Modern day drain of wealth” needs to be tackled. The best minds of the world always shape in India but serve in abroad due to numerous factors such as low income and absence of recognition, as a county we need to help the best mind flourish and serve India for a prosperous mutual growth
The Vishwaguru of ancient times is again on its way to lead the world along with immense knowledge and potential, equipped with belief and faith of more than 130 crore citizens with the philosophy and vision of वसुधैव कुटुमकम्
To summarise “If 19TH century belonged to Britain, 20TH belonged to America then 21ST century is for India.”